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Welcome to the SportsJudge.com Court of Fantasy Sports:
Where Fantasy League Disputes are Resolved

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The SportsJudge.com Court is led by Chief Justice Marc Edelman, a professor at Barry University School of Law.

Led by Professor Edelman, SportsJudge has offered professional dispute resolution services to fantasy sports leagues since 2001. We have been on the web since 2007 and have received proud endorsements from The Wall Street Journal, Sporting News, and ESPN the Magazine.

SportsJudge.com is actively hearing new cases. If you are interested in having your fantasy league dispure resolved, please contact us at info (at) sportsjudge.com.

SportsJudge Appears in TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine's Sean Gregory included SportsJudge in his August 31, 2009 look at the fantasy sports industry. "...SportsJudge will settle the inevitable arguments that arise in fantasy leagues, like accusations of collusion." Click the TIME logo above to read more.

SportsJudge Appears in Wall Street Journal

Nando Di Fino, of the Wall Street Journal Online, predicted that Manny Ramirez's 50-game drug-related suspension would lead to a wide range of fantasy baseball disputes. He also suggested that fantasy commissioners should "mosey over to a fantasy arbitration site like SportsJudge and let a detached stranger make that call on the veto for you." Click the logo above to read Di Fino's excellent feature on "How Fantasy Teams Can Cope Without Manny."

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